Providing support to Domestic Oriented Enterprises (DOE) to equip them to go global

It remains an important challenge for the great majority of organisations in the Manufacturing sector to have their employees trained given the differing technological and productive characteristics of the various sub sectors of this sector.

The Association of Mauritian Manufacturers (AMM) promotes Mauritius’s manufacturing know-how and in collaboration with the HRDC initiated a collaborative project to accompany DOEs towards innovative training to gain areas of expertise.

Several sub-sectors of the Manufacturing sector are represented within the AMM: food, beverages, chemicals, paper, cardboard, printing, renewable energies, metal work, building materials, other materials, wood, shipbuilding, services to the industry.

The main objective of the programme is to train and give technical tools and expertise to Mauritian manufacturers around a common aim to develop sales and/or setting up structures in the emerging countries.

In general, the programme aims to:

  • Expose the various strategies for developing in the emerging economies, from direct exports to the setting-up of local legal entities.
  • Reassure the Mauritian potential exporters by presenting the various means for mitigating risks in the emerging countries and obtaining financial assistance to go global.
  • Educate the Mauritian potential exporters on the recent, increasing trend of local content obligations.
  • Understand the needs of the Mauritian firms in terms of support and technical assistance required in relation to the subject of the seminar and answer to their questions.

The programme was held in three phases, namely:

  • Training session
  • Onsite visits in organisations
  • Public talk for knowledge sharing by the consultant
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