Development of a capacity building programme for Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing

The Manufacturing sector in Mauritius is facing multiple challenges that are generally summarised by two major transitions: digital and ecologic. It was seen that the Manufacturing sector is not well prepared for future trends and evolutions. More so, the sector lacks attractiveness for potential entrants. Needs of the local manufacturers are not communicated in a structured way to relevant institutions, associations or training providers. The need to develop an overarching capacity development programme based on an in-depth specialist assessment was felt through surveys, feedback and regular meetings with members of the association, brainstorming sessions, training committees and workshops organised by Association of Mauritian Manufacturers (AMM). Hence the AMM in collaboration with the HRDC has mounted an extensive capacity building programme for Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing under the Sectoral Skills Development Scheme.

The AMM represents the interests of the local manufacturing sector essentially to meet the demand of the domestic market. It has more than 70 members out of which forty percent are SMEs.

Objectives of the programme

  • Assess needs of the industry by sector specialists
  • Design specific targeted training programmes
  • Implement and evaluate collective solutions

The project is being implemented in 3 phases.

  • Phase I: Specialist assessment of training needs and coming up with training programmes
  • Phase II: Implementation of training programmes
  • Phase III: Evaluation and monitoring of programmes




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