Micro-Mechanics for the Jewellery, Watch & Diamond Sector, a skill development project emanating from the Manufacturing Sectoral Committee


The Jewellery, Watch & Diamond (J&W&D) sector is evolving into a high-tech industry with advanced technology and sophisticated machinery to be increasingly used by qualified technicians. Given the nature of the J&W&D business in Mauritius, particularly the Watch sector, there is a need for advanced technologies to deal with the minute complexities of the products. However, to encourage this sector to expand to its full potential, there is also a need to upgrade existing skills in the sub sector. Thus, the availability of qualified technicians is not only crucial for the growth of this sector but it is even more important to attract potential investment in this sector into Mauritius. A skill development programme in Micro mechanic has been mounted in collaboration with MEXA.

Objectives of the Project

The main objectives of the project are to:

  • Assess, enhance the competencies and develop the skills of the existing technicians working in the Jewellery, Watch & Diamond Sector
  • Analyze the career opportunities existing in the Jewellery, Watch & Diamond sector and in order to attract the younger generation to work in this Industry
  • Devise a long-term and sustainable programme for the J&W&D in the next 5 years which may also benefit the other sectors such as Light Engineering, Medical and Aviation.

Target Population

 The target audience for this training is mainly:

  • The existing technicians working in the Manufacturing companies, mainly Jewellery, Watch & Diamond sector
  • The Youth; students interested in pursuing their career in the field of Micro-Mechanics
  • Universities and other institutions like MITD

Implementation of the Project

This project will be implemented in two phases:

At a first stage, the project will entail:

  • One Training Session on “Micro-Mechanics” specifically for the Jewellery, Watch and Diamond Sector including around 8 to 10 medium sized companies who have training needs in this field.  It will comprise around 20 participants from these 8-10 companies.
  • In-House Training sessions will be held at each individual company mentioned above to enhance the competencies and skills of the existing technicians and to assess any further specific training needs in terms of Micro-Mechanics. The In-House sessions will be mostly practical with demonstrations on the existing equipments and machineries at each company
  • Working sessions and visits will be organized at Universities (Université des Mascareignes, MITD & University of Mauritius) in collaboration of HRDC for young students who are pursuing studies in the field of Micro-Mechanics and related fields

In the second phase, a long-term Training Programme will be developed to cater for the training needs of the J&W&D companies in the view of enhancing the competencies and capabilities of the technicians in the field of Micro-Mechanics.

Status: Completed.




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