An awareness campaign on occupations in the ICT/BPO sector


A sensitization campaign was launched by the HRDC, to reach career influencers for them to be more supportive to youngsters who want to join the ICT/BPO industry. Job seekers have to see it as a long term career and realise that ICT/BPO is not only about call centre but provide the right opportunities, skills and global exposure. It demonstrated that employees in the ICT/BPO industry are now getting challenging careers with tremendous job opportunities, hands-on experience, information about the culture and customs of various countries across the globe. This experience in understanding and appreciating diversity is valuable for their personal as well as professional growth.

This campaign aimed to ensure that people understand the spectrum of occupations demonstrated through success stories (to inspire students by the success stories by showcasing an employee’s experience) during presentations to students of schools, private centers, universities and so on.

IMore so, programmes on TV (Dossier) and radio backed by platforms such as Infotech (Infotech 2012), open days, job fairs are organized to reach a maximum number of people coupled with a sensitization campaign focused on schools and other education/training institutions.

Status: Completed.


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