Training programme in “Service Excellence in Customer Care” for taxi drivers operating at the Airport


The number of tourists visiting the country has continuously increased over the past few decades. The first point of contact for many tourists is taxi drivers and this contact is associated with services which shapes the opinion of the tourist regarding the destination.

The project has been operationalised at the Sectoral Committee on the Tourism sector in collaboration with the Hotel School Sir Gaetan Duval. The course content was prepared by the Hotel School Sir Gaetan Duval. 89 taxi drivers were trained and the training was for 32 hours. A certificate award ceremony was held in September 2013 where the Honourable Minister of Education and Human Resources handed over certificates to all those who participated in the training.

After the training, participants were able to:

  •   To understand the importance of customers in an organization 
  • To identify ways to project a positive self-image thereby enhancing the overall image of your trade; and 
  • To deal with unexpected events and handle medical emergencies

Status: Completed.


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