Training Programme in Advanced Pattern Making in Rodrigues


The pattern maker is a strategic player for a company interested in clothing manufacturing; he transforms the drawing of the stylist into a pattern.This program aims to equip Rodriguan entrepreneurs involved in garment making with sufficient knowledge and training in creative concept and designing that will meet the demands of the industry.

The teaching based on a reinforcement of skills found in the fundamental areas of this interface, notably traditional know-how and the practice of pattern-making at a proficient level.

The aim of this programme was to impart industrial pattern making skills of Rodriguan women who already had a basic knowledge of pattern making and also to give them an overview of the latest development in the field of pattern technology. This course was to increase their knowledge in this field and also help them to be more competitive in the clothing manufacturing sector.


  • To build capacity in the field of pattern technology; 
  • To help participants get accustom with the latest construction and grading techniques; 
  • To help participants better understand intricate pattern parts of a garments and how to manufacture them; and
  • To help in product diversification.

Status: Completed.


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