Work placement programme for Lower VI students


The Ministry of Education and Human Resources and the HRDC in collaboration with the relevant Employers’ Organisations/Institutions operating in the public and private sectors initiated the Lower Six Placement project in 2007 in Mauritius which allowed for short period placement of 2/3 weeks duration to students of Lower Six as well as to students following courses in prevocational courses during their school holidays. This programme has allowed the placement of over 4 450 students in some 250 partipating organisations since 2007.

In view of the unprecedented success of this programme in Mauritius, it was apparent that Rodriguan students also should benefit from such a programme. Hence, this programme has been successfully replicated in Rodrigues since August 2013.


  •  To bridge the gap between the school system and the world of work by exposing students to the new realities of work and relating this knowledge to their normal educational activities. Such an exposure would consolidate academic learning with practical work on-the-job; 
  • To increase comprehension and make students more employable once they step into the world of work; 
  • To allow the students to understand the work culture; and 
  • To have a better idea on potential career pathways and a possibility of recruitment in the future.

Status: Completed.



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