HR Excellence Awards


The Human Resource Development Council (HDRC) launched the second edition of the HR Excellence Awards after the success and active participation of employers and HR practitioners in the first edition.

The HR Excellence Awards is the first recognition framework introduced in Mauritius in 2011 to promote, encourage and showcase successes and accomplishments of the HR community.

The HR Excellence Awards aims to recognise and reward Organisations and HR Professionals who make an outstanding contribution towards HRM. It serves as a platform for showcasing and promoting high quality HR practices in Mauritius.

The framework used in the first edition of the HR Excellence Awards was enhanced to include additional categories by size of organisation, non-profit making organisations, the public sector and organisations of all types in Rodrigues.


  • To assess the state of HR practices in Mauritius;
  • To raise awareness of the necessity for sound human resources management in organisations of all sizes and types, non-profit making organisations, the public sector and organisations in Rodrigues;
  • To learn about, share and foster high - performance HR practices and ideas;
  • To encourage and thus raise the standards and overall competence of the human resource community;
  • To recognise human resource professionals for their significant contribution and/or innovative work in the field of HR;
  • To showcase significant HR programmes and initiatives developed by  organisations and HR professionals; and
  • To create a benchmark of excellence in HR practices.

Status: Completed.


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