Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Support Scheme

About Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


RPL provides an alternative route for industry practitioners to obtain formal recognition of the knowledge, skills and experience they acquired at the workplace. It helps them attain a recognised qualification which can be used as a basis for furthering training and career progression. This mechanism disrupts the conventional way of certification and creates more opportunities in the current education and training landscape by charting out new learning pathways for employees. RPL allows experienced people to match their skills to a qualification and then submit evidence to show why they should be certified. In a nutshell, RPL facilitates the processes of skills development and promotes lifelong learning. 


The RPL process is a process of identifying, documenting, assessing and certifying formal, non-formal and informal learning outcomes against standards used in formal education and training. It is a process, which, in short, relies on an assessment of learning outcomes to formally recognize competencies.


About the scheme


The RPL Support Scheme was introduced by the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) in collaboration with the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) as from 2019 for a first cohort of 99 applicants.


Under this scheme, the HRDC funds a Facilitation Fee of Rs 5,000 and an Assessment Fee of Rs 6,000 per candidate. The MQA sponsors 75% of the processing fee, resulting in the candidates paying a symbolic fee of Rs500 for entry into the RPL process.


This scheme is in line with one of the objects of the HRDC as stipulated in its act is to ‘stimulate a culture of training and lifelong learning at the individual, organisational and national levels for employability and increasing productivity.’


Objectives of the RPL Support Scheme

  • To reach out to individuals and employees applying for RPL with a view to promote Lifelong Learning.
  • To support the enhancement of the career/employability opportunities of individuals and employees as well as provide alternative routes to further education


After completion of the first cohort, the RPL Support Scheme has been renewed for an additional 100 candidates. The second cohort started with a Portfolio Development Workshop for RPL to be held on Thursday 23 March 2023.  A Project Collaboration Agreement was also signed between the HRDC and MQA to formalise this collaboration.

For additional information on the RPL Support Scheme, kindly contact the MQA or visit the MQA website: http://www.mqa.mu

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