Skills Pledge


The Skills Pledge is a commitment taken by employers to drive their business forward by training their employees. The Skills Pledge will be on a voluntary basis where employers/organisations will make a pledge to train and upgrade the skills of its employees. Organisations will have to adhere to the Skills Pledge Charter which will act as a scope for the project. The Charter will comprise of ten clauses. During this period employers will be supported by the HRDC.

The ultimate objective of the Pledge is to ensure that all employees are skilled, competent and able to make a full contribution to the success of their organisations. The Pledge can be taken by the Management/Board of Directors on behalf of the organisation. It is a corporate commitment covering the whole organisation. The Skills Pledge will be open to all employers/organisations in the private or public sector. The Skills Pledge is an opportunity.


  •  To ensure that employers/organizations value their employees; 
  • To recognize the benefits of skills development and talent management; and 
  • To help employers/organizations to willingly invest in continuous empowerment of all their employees.

Status: Completed


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