Communique - Addendum - 17 Oct 2023

Additional documents to be submitted by Employers/Registered Training Institutions (RTIs)

“Submission of copy of ID Card”

Further to the communiqué issued by the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) on 30th May 2023 pertaining to the above subject matter, the HRDC has received several representations from employers with regard to Section 1.2(i) – “Submission of copy of ID Card” of the Communiqué whereby they are faced with additional administrative burden to submit a copy of the Identity Cards of their employees who are attending training.

The HRDC has taken into consideration the representations and has examined different alternatives with a view to facilitating the processing of the G3 application.

It has been decided that, henceforth, instead of submitting the ID cards of each participant, Registered Training Institutions (for Local training) and Employers (for In-House training) can submit the signed attendance sheet of the training, with confirmation that they have verified the signature of the participants who are attending the course with their respective NIC and that their signatures are same as that on their National Identity Card. 

In light of the above, the attendance sheet template to be submitted to the HRDC has been amended accordingly to include the required statement of confirmation from the Trainer(s).

(Note: The template for the attendance sheet can be downloaded here for guidance).


HRDC Management

Date: 17 October 2023


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