Webinar on Deep Learning

The HRDC in collaboration with the University of Mauritius is pleased to invite interested persons to join a Webinar on Deep Learning which will be tomorrow as follows:

Date:   Thursday 17 September 2020
Time:   10h00 to 11h30
Link for webinar:   meet.google.com/ncu-ppph-jkf  (up to a maximum of 250 participants) 


A total of 33 academic staff and students from the University of Mauritius followed a training in Deep Learning from 9 to 13 December 2019, delivered by Associate Professor Dr. Willie Brink, a foreign expert from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. This project was approved under the HRDC’s Skills Development Programme for Artificial Intelligence.  The main objective of this training was to provide students and lecturers with the opportunity to upgrade their skills and knowledge in deep learning which is an industry-focused technology.

The training culminated to mini projects that were worked out collaboratively amongst students and academics. 

The webinar will focus on four mini-projects on Deep Learning and will be followed by discussions and questions and answers:

  • Project 1: Determine whether an email message is SPAM or NOT SPAM 
  • Project 2: Determine whether an image is a picture of a DOG or a CAT
  • Project 3: Determine whether energy usage of a building will go UP or DOWN next month, using a time series of past energy usage values
  • Project 4: Identification of fashion clothes out of 10 different types



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