HRDC Training Grant System - Important Notice to all Employers

Employers contributing to the HRDC Training Levy are kindly informed that the National Budget 2018-2019 has brought the following changes to the HRDC Training Grant Incentive Scheme.

In line with Government`s vision to encourage employers to invest in continuous professional development of their employees for productivity gains, the percentage (%) refund of training cost has been revised.

The revised rates of refund of training cost for employers in their respective categories are as follows:

Annual Levy Paid

% Refund

(i) Up to Rs 20,000

75 %

(ii) Above Rs 20,000 and up to Rs100,000

75 %

(iii) Above Rs100,000

70 %

The above revised rates of refund for training cost are effective for courses starting as from 9th August 2018.

Note: All other terms and conditions remain unchanged.

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