Circular 2016/1 - Relevant Documents with G3 Applications


Please note that as from March 2016, the G1 and G3 application forms have been reviewed as the documents submitted with the applications are not in conformance with the requirements of the HRDC. Hence to ensure smooth processing of the applications for refund of training cost and with a view to provide a prompt service, the documents submitted to the HRDC along with your G3 application should comply as per details below:

1. Invoice and Receipt

The information on the invoice should include the following amongst others:

  • Course date and title as approved by MQA/TEC, name of participant/s and total cost.
  • Signature of the Registered Training Institution/Trainer.
  • Business Registration Number (BRN), as per Section 6 of the Business Registration Act, of the MQA Registered Trainer if invoice is from Trainer.

2. Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of attendance should include the course date and full title as approved by MQA/TEC, number of contact hours, venue (optional), name as per ID and ID number of participant/s. The certificate of attendance should be signed by the Registered Training Institution/MQA Registered Trainer.

3. Letter of Attestation

In-House and Institutional Training

A letter of attestation may be submitted instead of an individual certificate of attendance. The headed letter of attestation should certify that the participants have successfully completed the course and should include the following:

  • Course date and title as approved by MQA/TEC.
  • Number of contact hours and Course Venue (optional).
  • Name as per ID and ID number of each participant.
  • Signature of the Registered Training Institution/ MQA Registered Trainer.

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