Foreign Expertise Scheme

Registered Training Institutions can claim 50% of relevant training expenses up to a ceiling of Rs 200,000 per week for a maximum period of 2 weeks in case they bring in foreign resource persons in scarcity and/or priority areas to conduct training in Mauritius, subject to the following:


1. The Registered Training Institution or employer will be eligible to bring up to a maximum of five (5) resource persons during the financial year.

2. The same resource person cannot come more than twice during the same financial year for the same Registered Training Institution.

3. To qualify for the 2 weeks, the resource person should dispense training for at least 7 days and the total number of training hours should not be less than 5 hours per day.

4. Application Form G11 for having recourse to foreign expertise should be submitted for approval of the HRDC at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the training. The training programmes should be MQA / HEC approved.  Application Form G12 for refund under the Foreign Expertise Scheme should be submitted along with the relevant documents, invoice and receipt.

5. Registered Training Institution can only benefit from one of the schemes, either the Foreign Expertise Scheme or the Local Training Scheme for the same course / workshop / seminar / conference.

6. The course / workshop / seminar / conference should be conducted for a minimum of 15 participants and should be opened to the public and the minimum 15 participants should not be from the training centre.

7. Registered Training Institution should have contributed levy for at least six (6) months preceding the application.

8. The following expenses are refundable and should be supported by the original invoice and receipt or certified true copy of the original by the applicant.

    • Cost of economy airfare of the trainer/s
    • Cost of accommodation of the trainer/s
    • Trainer/s fees
    • Rental cost of venue (excluding food and beverage)
    • Course materials     

9. In addition to the invoice and receipt, you are requested to submit the following documents along with your claim for refund:

           (i)  A copy of extract of bank statement if the payment has been effected by cheque, evidencing that the cheque has

                been cleared by the bank.

           (ii) A copy of the bank remittance if the payment has been effected through bank transfer.

10. All refunds are VAT excluded.

11. Payment for the trainer fee effected in cash shall not be entertained for refund.



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