Multimedia Facilities Scheme

Registered training centres having their own/rented building, infrastructure and training facilities will be eligible for refund of 50% of the cost on purchase of new multimedia equipment.  The refund will be subject to a maximum total limit of Rs 200,000 per training centre.  The support will cover, amongst others, purchase of the following equipment:

•    Photocopier,
•    LCD projector,
•    Computer and licensed software,
•    Overhead projector,
•    Scanner,
      and such other equipment as may be approved by the HRDC.

Such support will be subject to the following:

1.    The Training Centre should have been registered with the MQA for at least 3 years.
2.    The Training Centre should currently be dispensing MQA approved courses, one of which should be of at least 6 months duration and with a minimum of 160 hours.  A copy of the MQA approval should be submitted along with the Form G9.
3.    Application Form G9 for purchase of such multimedia facilities, accompanied by relevant documents including quotations, should be submitted to the HRDC at least 2 weeks and obtain the approval of the HRDC before the purchase of such equipment. 
4.    Refund will be effected on submission of application Form G10 along with invoice and receipts.
5.    The training centre should ensure that such equipment is being used for training purposes only and should be available in the training centre at all times.
6.    The training centre would be eligible for such benefit every 3 years as from the date of invoice.


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