Training Needs Analysis Schemec1

Employers conducting TNAs will receive a refund of an amount equivalent to 25% of their Annual Grant ceiling subject to a ceiling of:

(i) Rs 75,000 if the TNA is conducted by a certified In-house resource persons approved by the HRDC and
(ii) Rs 150,000 if the TNA is conducted by an outside firm/consultant approved by the HRDC.

Such refund will be subject to the following:

(a)    Firms should submit application Form G6 at least 2 weeks before together with all relevant documents to the HRDC and obtain the approval of the HRDC prior to the conduct of the exercise.
(b)    The firm must submit application Form G7 together with the report of the TNA and its Training Plan for a period of at least 6 months as well as invoice and receipt for the cost of TNA before the refund can be effected.
(c)    The firm will be eligible for such benefits every 2 years.
(d)    The refund for the TNA will be effected  on top of the annual grant ceiling of the Employers.



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