Brainstorming session on skills needs to foster adoption of automation and new technologies in the Manufacturing sector


The HRDC has recently conducted a study to assess the skills needed to foster Automation, Robotics and IIOT in different sub sectors of the Manufacturing sector. The main objectives of the study are to gauge the current automation level in this sector and evaluate the willingness of enterprises to adopt automation of processes. The study will also help in the formulation of specific skills development programmes to facilitate the process.

In this context, the HRDC organised a brainstorming session as follows:



:  Wednesday, 03 August 2022




:  10 00 - 12 00 hrs



:  HRDC Conference Room, 5th Floor, NG Tower, Cybercity, Ebene         

Members of the HRDC Sectoral Committee for the Manufacturing Sector, industry operators as well as university representatives was present for the brainstorming session.

The Agenda of the session included discussion on following themes:

  • Skills Challenges (Current and Future)
  • Skilling actions required
  • Potential training programmes; and
  • Action and implementation plans




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