Roundtable on bridging the current and emerging skills gap in the short-term and medium-term in the ICT/BPO sector

2014-10-09 09:30

The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) is organizing a roundtable with the following objectives:

  • Link industry with education/training providers;
  • Increase mutual understanding of skills needs in the sector;
  • Come up with common skills development programmes to bridge the (1) current skills gap (2) medium term skills gap;
  • Devise strategies to strengthen education/training and industry linkage.

The event will be organized under two main themes, namely Bridging the current skills gap - Quick-fix and New skills for new jobs for a skilled workforce – Medium-term.  Dr H Neeliah, Manager of the Research & Consultancy Division at HRDC, will act as Moderator.

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