Local and Online Training Scheme

HRDC refunds up to 75% of the course fees depending on their tax rate. Only courses which have received the prior approval of the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA)/ Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) will be refunded. Refunds fall within the Employer’s annual grant ceiling.

Overseas Training Scheme

HRDC refunds 50% of the cost of an economy air fare up to a maximum of Rs30,000 per trainee for an MQA approved course for a maximum period of 2 weeks. The course fees are refunded as per grant formula. All the above cost fall within the grant ceiling of the Employer.

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Training Needs Analysis Scheme

Firms conducting TNAs will receive a refund of an amount equivalent to 25% of their eligible Grant Refund subject to a ceiling of:

(i) Rs 75,000 if the TNA is conducted by a certified In-house resource persons approved by the HRDC and
(ii) Rs 150,000 if the TNA is conducted by an outside firm/consultant approved by the HRDC.

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Multimedia Facilities Scheme

Registered training centres having their own/rented building, infrastructure and training facilities will be eligible for refund of 50% of the cost on purchase of new multimedia equipment.  The refund will be subject to a maximum total limit of Rs 200,000 per training centre.  The support will cover, amongst others, purchase of the following equipment:

•    Photocopier,
•    LCD projector,
•    Computer and licensed software,
•    Overhead projector,
•    Scanner,
      and such other equipment as may be approved by the HRDC.

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Foreign Expertise Scheme

Registered training centres or employers can claim 50% of relevant training expenses up to a ceiling of Rs 200,000 per week for a maximum period of 2 weeks in case they bring in foreign resource persons in scarcity and/or priority areas to conduct training in Mauritius subject to the following:

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Pre-Operational Training Incentive (POTI) Scheme

The POTI scheme has been discontinued as from 24 July 2017.