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Stimulating interest for prospects and future career growth in the ICT/ BPO Sector: 100% Challenge Project

One of the major recommendations of the Labour Shortage report for the ICT/BPO sector was to embark on a national communication programme highlighting the career opportunities in the sector. It is in this context that the Sectoral Committee for the ICT sector recommended to launch this project with a view to raise awareness on the spectrum of occupations existing in the ICT/BPO sector, potential career opportunities and qualifications and skills required to take up ICT-related jobs and climb the career ladder. The nomenclature of job profiles for the ICT Sector that was developed by the industry was used as the main tool to showcase the success stories.

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Micro-Mechanics for the Jewellery, Watch & Diamond Sector, a skill development project emanating from the Manufacturing Sectoral Committee

The Jewellery, Watch & Diamond (J&W&D) sector is evolving into a high-tech industry with advanced technology and sophisticated machinery to be increasingly used by qualified technicians. Given the nature of the J&W&D business in Mauritius, particularly the Watch sector, there is a need for advanced technologies to deal with the minute complexities of the products. However, to encourage this sector to expand to its full potential, there is also a need to upgrade existing skills in the sub sector. Thus, the availability of qualified technicians is not only crucial for the growth of this sector but it is even more important to attract potential investment in this sector into Mauritius. A skill development programme in Micro mechanic has been mounted in collaboration with MEXA.

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Nomenclature of job profiles for the ICT/BPO sector

Given the vibrant and dynamic nature of the ICT/BPO sector in Mauritius, there is a perpetual mismatch of skills between what is required by the market and what can be readily provided. One of the reasons underpinning this state of affairs is the information asymmetry that exists at any particular point of time between the demand and supply of labour, job seekers, students, policy makers and other stakeholders alike. This imbalance fuels intense competition for talent and increase pressure on competitiveness which cascades down to increased pressure on educators/trainers and the sector to guide interested students into relevant ICT/BPO education and career paths. This situation results in skills gaps and shortages that can lead to a loss of competitiveness and hamper enterprise productivity.

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Training programme in “Service Excellence in Customer Care” for taxi drivers operating at the Airport

The number of tourists visiting the country has continuously increased over the past few decades. The first point of contact for many tourists is taxi drivers and this contact is associated with services which shapes the opinion of the tourist regarding the destination.

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Assessment of skills needs in the Manufacturing Sector

There is empirical evidence that well-equipped and skilled human resources contribute to individual, organisational and national development through improved performance. It is in this context that the HRDC is conducting a survey to assess the current situation of specific skills needs in the Manufacturing sector and to identify and quantify specific training requirements.

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