Career Development Stairway- Finance


The Career Development Stairway gives an industry wide, objective framework for the many and varied jobs for the financial sector. It is an information provision tool that can assist in planning career in selected sectors.

Underpinning the Career Development Stairway will be a series of sector approved job profiles (competency framework) covering most of the jobs found in the sector. These job profiles will be developed from the skills that will be required by employers to undertake particular jobs.


  •  To provide information on the various job roles and career opportunities; 
  • To provide details on the progression opportunities on the same step and also information on roles on the next step; 
  • To help in planning career in the sectors whether one is a new entrant to the sector, or is looking for further opportunities within the sector; and 
  • To help in reducing the skills mismatch through development and provision of relevant training provided by informed training centres.

Status: Completed