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Let’s Talk HR Series

The role of HRD Councils worldwide has been to act as a unifying force for achieving performance excellence through people by serving as a catalyst and an innovator, fostering communication and collaboration with and among stakeholders in human resource development and providing expert leadership in performance improvement and evaluation.

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Let’s Talk Careers Series

One of the functions of the HRDC is to ‘establish linkages between the education, the training systems and the workplace’. The HRDC is undertaking a study to assess the career aspirations of final year university students. It is important to provide university students with opportunities to fill gaps in their understanding and to also inform and inspire them about their prospective careers. The findings of the study will form the basis of the Let’s Talk Careers Series. Let’s Talk Careers Series will be an evidence-based interface between sectoral representatives from the private sector and final year university students, to bridge the information space between university and the world of work. Another benefit of this proposed project is that it will make the economic community become more involved in the work of universities, thus fostering employer engagement. It is established that there is a link between employer engagement and employment prospects of graduates.

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Master Class - “How can HR have more impact on business?”

In the context of the International HRD Conference 2013, a Master Class was organised on 16th October 2013 at Ebène. The Master Class was an opportunity for participants to listen and interact with Mr. Pieter Haen on the theme “How can HR have more impact on business?”

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