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New Technology Training Scheme (NTTS)

Financial support for enterprises to train their employees on newly-acquired technology

The New Technology Training Scheme (NTTS) has been developed following the Budget 2016/17, where it was announced that ‘the training levy to be used for meeting training costs in the training of staff in new technologies’.

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Career Cube : Career Talks for Secondary School Students

The HRDC is mandated to establish linkages between the education, the training system and the work place to take appropriate measures to reduce mismatch between demand and supply of human resource.
It is in this context that the HRDC had launched the lower six placement programme in 2007. This project has undoubtedly helped students to boost their self-confidence, improve their communication skills and make them aware of the different workplace culture and practices.
With a view to complement the lower six placement project, the HRDC has now initiated the Career3 project which is a series of talks targeted to secondary level students comprising 3 main components namely Think Career, Developing Employability skills and CV writing and Interviewing techniques.

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HR Excellence Awards

The Human Resource Development Council (HDRC) launched the second edition of the HR Excellence Awards after the success and active participation of employers and HR practitioners in the first edition.

The HR Excellence Awards is the first recognition framework introduced in Mauritius in 2011 to promote, encourage and showcase successes and accomplishments of the HR community.

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International HRD Conference

The HRD Conference invited contributions and participation from practitioners, policy makers, researchers and academics on themes surrounding HRD at country and enterprise levels. It provided an intensive and interactive forum for showcasing and presenting HR strategies that had been implemented to contribute towards enabling countries and organizations weather the vagaries of the socio-economic system.

Attending this conference has allowed participants to widen their horizons in emerging issues in the field of HRD which are of paramount value in triggering innovation and sharpening productivity at the macro and micro levels.

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Round Table Discussion on ‘Human Resource Development in Mauritius’

In the context of the International HRD Conference 2013, a Round Table Discussion was organised on 16th October 2013 at the HRDC. 9 selected leading professionals from each sector of the Mauritian economy and the keynote speaker from the International HRD Conference were invited to participate as panelists. The session was moderated by Mr Raj Makoond, Executive Director of the Joint Economic Council.

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