Pre-Operational Training Incentive (POTI) Scheme

The Pre Operational Training Incentive scheme is a programme under which an advance is offered as incentive to attract investment in emerging sectors which require a relatively high level of initial skills.
Under this scheme the HRDC provides an advance equivalent to 50% of the estimated qualifying training costs during the first year of operation of firms which are in the process of being set up.

To qualify for such a scheme:

1.    the investment project should have been approved by the Board of Investment,
2.    the training should be conducted during a period not exceeding 1 year before operation,
3.    only local training programmes and courses which have received the prior approval of MQA/TEC will qualify.  The training has to the job related and must lead to the acquisition of relevant skills,
4.    the advance made by the HRDC will be recouped annually over a period of 7 years out of the eligible grant limit of the firm.

The POTI scheme is applicable for projects with skills development component falling under the industry sectors being promoted by the BOI